Spring Organizing

bigstock-Spring-Flowers-14089355Spring: It’s a time of renewal, a fresh start. Grass and flowers begin to grow and bloom. Birds that fly south in the fall begin to return. It’s all about the future.

We don’t deal with the extreme cleaning our ancestors did, however we are still programmed to do something significant when spring arrives.

One way to eliminate the winter blahs is to organize your space. You’ll feel lighter by eliminating excess stuff and preparing to wear lighter clothing—one of the joys of warmer weather!

Focusing on the future, why not make space for it? Clear closets of clothing, shoes, and handbags you’re not wearing to create space for new acquisitions. You probably have a good idea of what you wore in the winter and what you didn’t. Now is the time to eliminate the latter.

Please don’t keep items you think you’ll fit into once you’ve lost weight. Treat yourself to new clothing once you’ve reached your goal. This can be a compelling reward to persevere towards that goal.

While you’re at it, try on all your spring and summer clothing too and pass on anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like any more.

Now that tax season is almost over, it’s a great time to clear your paper files of any old credit card statements, bank statements, utility bills, etc. You might be surprised to find that you have paperwork going back several years. I suggest keeping one year of back paperwork only and shredding the rest. If you’re a small business, remember to keep any of these documents that support your income taxes with the return for at least six years. I keep mine for seven years then shred all the older ones. And, of course, you must keep your old tax returns for six years in case of audit. Please use a cross-cut shredder for increased security.

Now that winter is gone, it’s time to remove all the seasonal safety items in the trunk and/or back seat. You won’t need that blanket or shovel for a few months. Once everything is out, clean the space and purchase inexpensive laundry baskets for the trunk to corral items you still need to carry with you. Choose a dark colour so they don’t look grungy after a while.

Garage/Garden Shed:
Spring is a great time to organize your garage and garden shed while the days are warm, but not too warm. It won’t be long until it’s time to bring out your lawnmower, so now is a good time to check it to ensure it’s ready to go when you are. Check your garden tools and toss the broken ones, purchase replacements if the ones going are ones you use frequently.

When storing winter items such as shovels, toboggans, skis, etc. set up a hanging system on the garage or shed walls for items that can be hung. This will save tripping over them if they’re strewn on the floor. It’s a safety issue as well as a good organizing habit to develop.

So, let’s get organized for the seasons to come. With the chores behind you, you’ll be better able to enjoy your future without being reminded of tasks undone.

Where will you begin your spring cleaning/organizing? Please share your ideas in the comments section below? We’d love to hear from you!


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