Good Home Organizing Program

Good Home Organizing

Does the idea of having

checka clutter-free home

checkplenty of time to enjoy life

appeal to you?

Join us for
Good Home Organizing!

This is the year to organize your home AND
enjoy your life.

Join us for our step-by-step course
that shows you how to do just that!




checkHow many times have you bought something only to find you already had 2 or 3 of that same item at home?

checkHave you missed important appointments, celebrations or events because you thought they were on a different day?

checkHave you ever struggled with organizing your home so it supports your life?


Wouldn’t you rather

  • Save money not purchasing duplicates of triplicates of thing you know you have somewhere?
  • Save time looking for things you can’t find?
  • Not miss appointments or fun events?
  • Have your children organize their belongings both so they can find what they want and so you aren’t spending time searching for them?
  • Feel in charge and enjoy a better quality of life?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions,
you’re definitely in the right place.
Let me tell you why.


I’m Moreen Torpy, the De-Clutter Coach, and a Professional Organizer. I understand Moreen-125x150how all this can happen because I struggled with some of these in my own life. Plus I work with clients across the globe to help them discover ways to become more organized in order to enjoy a better quality of life.

Let me tell you a story? The day I realized I’d purchased the same book three times was a turning point. Even though I’ve always been organized, there have been times when that gene didn’t kick in. I needed to dig into myself to figure out what was happening.

I’ve also seen this many times in my organizing practice–clients who are at their wits’ end about how their lives seem to have spiraled out of control.

  • They couldn’t find important things like the car keys and wasted hours looking, making them late for an appointment or work.
  • Their kids missed the school bus because they couldn’t find their shoes or homework.
  • One client had multiples of tools he purchased because he couldn’t find any of the previously-bought ones when he needed them.
  • They were overwhelmed by trying to manage their home when no-one else pitched in, and sometimes undermined what they were doing.

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Clients have told me how important it was for them to become organized. Here’s what some of them have said:


I am very pleased with the results after the De-Clutter Coach helped organize my children’s toy room. It had become the proverbial disaster area. Now we have a place for everything there and my girls can actually sit in the room and play. They like it as well and have been learning to return items to the designated places. It makes clean-up time a lot easier and requires less supervision on my part. I have been told by them if I put something in the wrong place.

~ Donna M.


When I first contacted the De-Clutter Coach, our 3-car garage and my husband’s office needed intensive care. Every time I looked in I felt overwhelmed. I knew it had to change but I didn’t have a clue where or how to start. Instead of looking for something in the garage, he thought it was easier to go to the hardware store and buy what he needed. After a while, that became expensive! One bay in the garage was occupied by a pile of wood that prevented his car from being parked there. We can now use our garage for its original purpose and when he needs something, he can go to the exact spot and find it. The emotional and psychological relief of having space that is functioning is such a boost. Definitely money well-spent!

~ Kerrie M.


I attended a class presented by The De-Clutter Coach (Moreen Torpy) called ”The “Organized Scrapbooker”. I am organized, yet the ideas offered blew me away. Many samples and examples presented on how to organize Scrapbooking supplies. I loved the simple, affordable and easy-to-get ideas and suggestions. The “show and tell” style appealed to me visually and got my creative juices flowing.

~ Dawn W.


These are a few of the reasons why
I created the

Good Home Organizing Program

To share with you what I learned from my clients,
and why organizing their space is so important to them.

I want you to have the same feelings of relief!


There’s no need to live in disorganization
any longer!

A Hands-on Practical Opportunity

I’ve put together a series of
highly useful and actionable webinars
so you can directly apply what you learn
to your home and family.


Once you’ve completed the 4 webinars, not only will your knowledge of organizing have increased, you’ll also have completed a series of Action Steps that will allow you to see the results of your work. As well, you’ll be prepared to continue to apply what you’ve learned with your own unique long-term organizing strategies.


You’ll also:

  • enjoy the feeling of peace and serenity
  • gain a sense of calmness
  • easily find what you need when you need it
  • teach your children to be organized from an early age, a life-long benefit for them.

Here’s how it works . . .

4 Modules

Beginning as soon as you sign up for this course
and continuing for 3 more weeks
you’ll receive highly-focused information
to help you organize your home and your family.

Delivered by webinar, you can view and listen to the lessons
making it easier to apply what you learn each week
to your unique situation.

What you’ll get with this Program:

checkaccess to each week’s content, delivered directly to your in-box

checkwebinar and audio that you can revisit as often as you wish (for a limited time)

checkhandouts and worksheets for each module

checkprivate Facebook Group

checkbonus materials


A Small Investment

This is a small investment compared to the:

  • peace-of-mind you’ll gain from learning what I’ll teach you about organizing your home and family
  • improved quality of life that having order around you can bring
  • elimination of the chaos you might be living in


All this for ONLY $99.97


The 4 Program Modules are:

star Module 1: Overview

  • Benefits of Organizing
  • Organizing: Getting Started
  • Organizing: General Principles

starModule 2: Private Spaces

  • An Organized Bedroom Improves Life
  • Steps to an Organized Bathroom
  • Closets—the Last Frontier

starModule 3: Public Spaces

  • Kitchen and Pantry: Organization Begins Here
  • Meal Planning: Save Time and Money—and Eat Healthy
  • Easy Living: Family / Living / TV / Great Room

starModule 4: Storage and Wrap-up

  • Basement and Attic: Organize those Black Holes
  • Garage and Car: More than Storage
  • Wrapping it up—the Basics


Now that we’ve covered
all the nitty-gritty details
of what you can expect,


ALL this actionable information is ONLY $99.97



  1. Report: 5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

Read this 20+ page detailed report, a companion to the 5_Steps_Organized_KitchenGood Home Organizing Program, to learn more actionable information to help you along your organizing journey, beginning in your kitchen!


  1. Audio: How to Keep Kids’ Rooms Organized

Seems like teaching kids to become organized is an insurmountable challenge. Listen to this audio to learn how to do this.


  1. Tipsheet: 12 Tips for Organizing Your Space

Quick and easy-to-implement tips to guide you through the organizing process.



Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to learn

Good Home Organizing!

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checkYES! I Am Ready to Make a Small Investment to Begin GOOD HOME ORGANIZING!

arrowI am ready to enroll in this practical course designed to give me the action plan I need to become organized.

arrowOne Webinar Every Week for 4 Weeks: Topic-focused webinars designed to help me become organized.

arrowReplays: I can watch the webinars or listen to the audio any time I like to keep the momentum going (for a limited time).

arrowHandouts and Worksheets: so I can focus on the webinar content and keep for future reference.

arrowPrivate Facebook Group: I will be able to discuss my challenges with others in this course.

arrowSurprise Bonus Material: I can learn even more about becoming organized through the additional bonus material that I will receive directly to my in-box during the course!

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