Meet Moreen

Portrait of Moreen TorpyAn organizing enthusiast, Moreen began her career at an early age. Her first memory of this is when she collected all of her mother’s shoes that had been kicked off in the dining room, carefully placing them against a wall in pairs. Then hung a sign above them reading “Shoes for Sale”.

Then in her teens, Moreen chaired the creation of a parade float for her youth group. She’s still amazed how she pulled this off at that point in her life! So many details—finding a flatbed truck, decorations, work crews, people to sit on the float and more. Then all the Thank-you letters that she sent afterward.

Moreen founded De-Clutter Coach in 2004, beginning her studies in the organizing profession that same year.

She holds Certificates of Study from the National Study Group in Chronic Disorganization (now known as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, ICD) as well as Virtual Organizing:

  • Chronic Disorganization
  • Understanding the Needs of Elderly CD Client
  • Basic Physical Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client
  • Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client

Some other studies with ICD:

  • Working with CD Clients Downsizing their Homes
  • Working with Elderly clients
  • Grief and the CD Client
  • Introduction to Learning Styles and Differences
  • Working with Auditory Learners
  • Working with Kinesthetic Learners
  • Working with Visual Learners
  • Assisting the CD Client with Diabetes
  • Working with Physically Challenged Clients
  • Understanding Mental Health Conditions Affecting the CD Client
  • Personality Styles and Chronic Disorganization
  • Workplace Strategies for AD/HD and CD Clients
  • Heirs of the Chronically Disorganized
  • The Level V Home

In addition, from Birchall Consulting & Associates Inc. (2011), she holds a Certificate of Completion in:

  • Hoarding Level 1
  • Hoarding Level 2
  • Clutter Coaching in a Hoarding Environment

Virtual Organizing:

  • Trained for Virtual Organizing by Sheila Delson, CPO-CD
  • Member of IAVO (International Association of Virtual Organizers)


Moreen continues studying in relevant fields.

Also an author, Moreen has written:

  • Let’s Get Organized: 172 Tiplets to Simplify Life
  • Christmas Workbook: how to plan and create a more meaningful Christmas
  • Moving Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In