Podcast 21: Multi-tasking Contributes to Disorganization

myth of multi-taskingMuti-tasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Today, the ability to do more than one thing at a time seems to be something to be proud of. But experts agree that by trying to do several tasks at once is simply contributing to disorganization and more errors.

Here’s an example of how it can go off the rails. Recently my physician was instructing me about some meds and tests I needed while directing staff about something else, then took a phone call unrelated to medicine, and laughingly told the caller he was triple-tasking. My jaw dropped! Continue reading

Gratitude and Organizing

gratitude and thanksgivingCanadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you haven’t been thinking of dinner plans, it’s time to begin organizing them. But do we include planning time for gratitude? Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is really about?

(My American friends can keep this post for another month or so to implement for your Thanksgiving in a few more weeks, unless you feel like being grateful now.) Continue reading

Podcast 20: Organizing Thoughts: a new look

organize thoughts: think positiveHas the light at the end of the tunnel gone out for you? In these days of gloom and doom, natural disasters and those created by humans, it might seem like it has.

However, here’s a different way of looking at it. Maybe there’s a curve in the tunnel. Maybe all you need is a good flashlight with fresh batteries. Or if you have one of those nifty head lamps, even better. Place it firmly on your head, turn it on and keep going. Continue reading