Podcast 11: Extreme Emergency Organizing Part 1

James Hart_0002Recently I was visiting in a different city and there was no water during the day for a couple of days. Now, this didn’t constitute an emergency, but it got me thinking about what we would have done had this continued.

And full disclosure, I lived in an area where there was an ice storm some years ago and was without electricity for more than a week. I learned some lessons from that, but my guest today, James Hart has more ideas of how to prepare for such emergencies. Continue reading

Big Organizing

Watching the closing ceremonies on TV  for the PamAm Games, the reality of how much organizing went into this was impossible to miss. Can you imagine undertaking such a huge project? Does this reduce the enormity of your own organizing?

The folks who organize such big events are accustomed to doing this and have their teams already in place, or know where to find them as needed. In many cases, you’re organizing alone or with only one other person, possibly Continue reading

Podcast 10: Organizing for Travel

In this podcast I offer advice and tips about organizing for travel that that work for me and I’m sure you’ll find them useful as well!

The first step, I’m sure you know, is to decide where to go. Then decide how you’re going to get there. From here on, there are plenty of decisions to make and lots to do in preparation. Continue reading