Organizing to Live Green at Home

it's easy to be greenDespite Kermit’s song about it not being easy to be green, it really is easy! All it takes is a bit of organizing. Being aware of and changing our habits can make a difference. Even simple activities such as turning off electrically powered appliances and electronics when not in use can have an effect. More about that below.

Here are just a few very easy ways to live green at home: Continue reading

Spring Closet Organizing Challenge

closet organizingAre you ready for your spring closet organizing challenge? I don’t usually think of it this way, however there are times . . .

I spent the weekend purging my closet. Not that it was in terrible shape because I regularly eliminate anything I’m not wearing, but because it’s finally a new season, and I’m SO grateful after the long winter we had here! When changing over my closet from winter to summer, I discovered that I really didn’t like some of my clothing as much as I did last year when I put them away. Continue reading

Finding Time to Organize

time to organizeDo you have a difficult time finding that time to organize? Seems that this is one of the hardest things to do but it actually doesn’t need to be. It’s about changing our habits to include organizing. This can be really easy. Here’s how:

1. Focus on one thing a time: Rather than stressing about the enormous job ahead of you, divide it into do-able chunks. Say, if you want to organize your papers—the ones that have taken over your dining table, kitchen counter or office, there’s an easy way to do this. Simply go through the papers, recycle anything possible, shred whatever has identification on it and make a neat pile with the rest. This may be all you can do for the first session. At another time, sort this into categories to deal with, whether it’s filing, paying bills, reading material, or another one that you need to have. This could be the second step. Then the third step would be to actually do those. The important thing is to take the third step. Oh, and keep up with incoming paper as it comes in so it doesn’t contribute to the overwhelm. Continue reading