Very Inspiring Blogger Award

VIB-BloggerAward-banner-300x215I was surprised recently to learn that I’d been honoured with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (VIB) for my writing about organizing. This recognizes bloggers “who work hard to keep the blogosphere a beautiful place”. I can only say I wasn’t expecting anything like this, ever!

The email came from my friend and colleague, Liesel Teversham, Continue reading

10 Costs of Disorganization

costs of disorganizationWhen we talk about organization and disorganization, the perception is usually whether we can find something tangible or not. Today we’re going to address the intangible losses that come with disorganization and how to alleviate them.

In no particular order:

1. Issue: strained relationships when special events are missed.
Solution: have a large calendar on which family schedules are posted as well as birthdays and other special events. Stay on top of this. Relationships are important to our well-being. Continue reading

Home Organizing as Vision Board

organizing vision boardWhat does organizing have to do with vision boards? Let’s start with what vision boards are for those who aren’t familiar with the concept.

Vision boards are like a wish list of activities, travel destinations, life experiences etc. that we create on a poster board or in a notebook with images of what we’re hoping, expecting or planning to achieve—our goals, dreams, even Continue reading