Organize Your Vehicle to Simplify Your Life on the Go

Happy Car CartoonI’ve just purchased a new vehicle, so have been moving everything from my old car to the new one and finding some items that I forgot I had. Just like in the home—things we don’t use regularly are forgotten.

So, with my shiny new car, I want to keep it looking spiffy with everything I need there organized and easy to find when needed. Here are Continue reading

Organizing for Your Health

catching coldIt’s cold and flu season in my part of the world and sadly I’ve succumbed. However, being organized, I had some of what I needed to help me through it already on hand.

Natural Remedies:

Sometimes it’s hard to know just how sick the current bugs will make me. So, I keep a supply of natural remedies handy and begin with them as my first level of treatment. Many times that’s all I need. Items such as echinacea, lozenges, and the like are easy to store so they’re available without having to go shopping when I’m feeling miserable.


My next level of attack is over-the-counter medications such as cough syrup, stronger lozenges, ibuprofen and basic cold powder that mixes with boiling water. With a generic cold, these and about a week, will take care of it. As long as my symptoms are controlled, I can wait out the week, tissues in hand. Again, such a supply can be organized between bouts of illness in preparation for the next need.

Prescription Meds:

These are the heavy-duty medications that are needed when the illness is bacterial and will respond to such treatment. I recommend having some of these ahead if possible as well because it will likely take some days before a medical appointment can be obtained in order to top up said prescriptions. And who wants to suffer longer than necessary?

When Nothing Helps:

If the infection is viral, it’s best to not take antibiotics as they don’t work on a virus. In addition, by taking them then, it’s possible to develop an immunity to them so when really necessary, they might not work. So keep the tissues, lozenges, etc. handy and use as needed and wait it out. Unfortunately the recovery period is longer than the common cold.


Tissues are used year round regardless of season, so it’s good to have a few boxes of these available at all times. I’ve learned though that shopping at the big box stores for a package of 24 boxes is unnecessary for one living alone. From experience, I’ve discovered that these will likely last me several years and occupy what little storage space I have. So I suggest having just a few boxes ahead and when stocking up on other necessary items, pick up a couple more boxes of tissues as well.

Juice is also used when we’re not ill, so having a few cans of frozen juice on hand will keep you going until you or someone else can replenish your supply. I prefer orange juice as it works well with echinacea. We do know, of course, that for normal consumption the real fruit contains fewer calories but I haven’t figured out how to add the echinacea to an orange yet. Besides, when I feel awful, calories aren’t my first concern.

Lip balm works very well to protect skin on and around the nose and help it heal when it’s damaged by frequent blowing. Keeping a tube of this takes almost no space, so I recommend having one in your bedside drawer so it’s handy if and when needed.

This should not be thought of as any kind of medical advice, simply what works for me as an organized person. For personalized health care, please see your physician.

What works for you when you’re sick? Please share your experiences in the comments box below?


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